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Papa John's Founder Shows off $11 Million Mansion in Tacky TikTok Video

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Former pizza king John Schnatter may have given up his throne, but he’s still living in a castle.

Photo of John Schnatter and his mansion by The Big Magazine

On Tuesday (May 12) former Papa John’s founder and CEO joined the video social media site TikTok, giving fans an inside look at his new over-the-top mansion. Schnatter posted a 55-second video captioned “Tour of the Papa Castle Part 1” with hashtags #mycrib, #finalsathome, #fyp and #boredinthehouse.

The 58-year-old is wearing a red t-shirt with the word “Papa” in white letters across his chest while touring his mansion, MTV Cribs style. Apparently the shirt he was wearing in the video is part of his new merch line.

While he hasn't posted additional tacky clips of his mansion, his most recent video revealed a clip of himself lifting weights. "Papa bless, or papa flex," he says. Papa John’s announced Schnatter's resignation in July 2018 for reportedly using a racial slur during a May 2018 conference call between company executives.

The sprawling mansion is reportedly worth $11 million and sits on almost 16 acres of land in a suburb in Louisville, Kentucky.

In the clip, viewers see an aerial shot of the mansion’s massive grounds, surrounded by a moat. When Schnatter opens the door to the home, he reveals an enormous statue of two eagles mating that also happens to be a clock that “spins four times an hour.”

He then proceeds to the next room (the library) where he says, “This is where I film a lot of footage, this is where I work and write letters.” Before opening another set of engraved wood doors, he ends the video saying: “Stay tuned, you gotta keep following. Maybe next time.” Schnatter’s house tour TikTok has generated over a million views.



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