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Jeanie Buss Tweets About Release of 2 New WOW Women of Wrestling Doc Specials Airing On Pluto TV

By The Big Magazine Staff

Jeanie Buss, one of the most influential women in sports tweeted "Just in time for Women's History Month" about the release of two new WOW - Women of Wrestling documentary specials, "My Road To WOW - The Secrets Of The Superheroes" and "Origin Of WOW - Women Of Wrestling" airing on the Pluto TV Fight channel in March 2023.

The tweet was in response to entertainment reporter WSJ, John Jurgenson's tweet about WOW coming to Paramount's free streamer service, Pluto TV.

According to a company press release, My Road To WOW - The Secrets Of The Superheroes, produced by See It Now Studios with Triage Entertainment, is a behind-the-curtain look at the WOW - Women Of Wrestling roster, profiling some of the most amazing women in sports entertainment.

Fans will see how these incredible women took a chance to become some of the Superheroes of WOW, gaining insights into their backstories of courage and overcoming adversity and how their personas, ring gear and character are inspired by their real lives.

Throughout the documentary, viewers will meet the Superheroes’ closest family and friends and see the other parts of their lives that make them tick and gives them the heart, soul, and motivation to follow their dreams all the way to the WOW - Women Of Wrestling ring.

The second special is Origin Of WOW - Women Of Wrestling, produced by Fishbowl Worldwide Media, is a documentary exploring the larger-than-life story behind the evolution of women’s wrestling, from a sideshow act at the fairgrounds to the rise of the first all-female wrestling league with GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling) in the 1980s, and the rocky road to success leading up to today with WOW - Women Of Wrestling.

Hear from GLOW and WOW founder David McLane, former professional wrestler and WOW trainer Selina Majors, former professional wrestler and WOW executive producer AJ Mendez, and WOW Superheroes, and see the uphill battles over featuring women’s wrestling on TV and the drama with the network that broke the series apart. The doc also offers in depth interview with Jeanie Buss, co-owner and co-founder of WOW as well as Governor and co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, and learn how she partnered with David McLane to realize the vision to revive an all-women wrestling organization as the next big thing in global sports entertainment.

From the 1980s to now, see how the culture has evolved, how perceptions of women in wrestling have changed, and why now is the time for WOW - Women Of Wrestling to claim its place as the true game-changer it has always been destined to be.

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