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How To Mute Annoying Accounts on Instagram - Here’s How

September 17, 2020

Mute Instagram Posts, Stories, or Both!

How To Mute An Annoying Account on Instagram by The Big Magazine

There are many reasons you might want to mute an Instagram account. Unfollowing an account is never simple, especially if the profile happens to be a co-worker, an ex, family member, or friend. Some people could be great in person, but horrible at social media. Muting is Instagram's most helpful tool when you don’t want to see profile updates while not letting the user know about it.

Here’s How To Mute Someone On Instagram:

Go to the Instagram profile you want to mute and tap on the following button:

Step 1) How to mute a profile on Instagram

Tap Following button and a dropdown menu will appear with the option to mute:

Step 2) How to mute a profile on Instagram

Tap the Mute button. Instagram gives you the option of muting posts (you will no longer see the muted profile's feed) and stories.

Step 3) How to mute a profile on Instagram

Click on both posts and stories to completely remove the profile from your feed:

Step 4) How to mute a profile on Instagram

You've successfully muted an Instagram account when you see the words posts and stories appear next to the mute button:

Step 5) How to mute a profile on Instagram

Another bonus to muting is that it’s a relatively drama free option because Instagram won’t notify the person being muted.

How can you tell when your own account has been muted on Instagram?

There is no way of knowing. Muting someone on Instagram is the equivalent of digital ghosting with no hurt feelings. If you’ve noticed that someone is no longer liking or commenting on any of your posts or viewing your stories, chances are you've been muted.

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