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Glass Animals is Back with a Deluxe 'Dreamland' Album, Featuring Two "Heat Waves" Remixes

Friday, August 10, 2020

Glass Animals has released a deluxe version of the band’s brand-new album, Dreamland. The expanded collection “Dreamland + Bonus Levels” includes two remixes of the single “Heat Waves.” One remix is by famed DJ, Diplo, and the other is by Shakur Ahmad, a 19-year-old fan who won a remix contest.

The release follows the band’s original “Dreamland” release on Friday (Aug 7) marking the group’s third record, including the single “Your Love (Déjà Vu).”

The Oxford four-piece band took a break from the music scene, which resulted in a deeply personal record for, Dave Bailey (producer and mastermind behind Glass Animals) alongside members, Drew MacFarlane, Ed Irwin-Singer and Joe Seaward.

It was through the eyes of tragedy that Dreamland was born. In 2018, the drummer of Glass Animals, Joe Seaward, was involved in a bike accident in Dublin, Ireland that almost took his life. The musician sustained a broken leg, and a fractured skull. Seaward underwent subsequent brain surgery following the accident. As a result, the British indie rockers canceled their European and North American tour for the rest of 2018. Seaward made a full recovery by late 2019.

Dreamland is autobiographical in nature for Bailey, based on a collection of personal stories and tribulations. The LP explores difficult topics about toxic relationships, friendships, domestic violence, loneliness and more. Tracks also include audio clips from Bailey’s home movie interludes that his mother recorded when he was young.

Glass Animals release third album, Dreamland on August 7, 2020 photo via Instagram

Dreamland + Bonus Levels is available now for digital download - Listen.

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