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Ben Affleck to Play Lead Role in Robert Rodriguez Thriller "Hypnotic"

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

By Jean-Paul Cote, November 15, 2019

Photo by John Russo

Famed academy award-winning actor, Ben Affleck, is tackling his next big role as the lead role in Hypnotic, a mind-bending action thriller directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has also directed box office hits such as Alita: Battle Angel (2019). and Sin City (2005). Coupled with Max Bornstein, the writer of Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island (2017), it’s safe to say that the film is in good hands.

Hypnotic follows Affleck as a detective who becomes deeply involved in a mystery, after following the trail of breadcrumbs on a series of seemingly impossible heists, that implicates both his own daughter and a covert government program.

Affleck will undoubtedly bring the highest degree of performance to this role. The 47 year-old Academy Award winning actor has a long track record playing the leading act in addition to as screenwriter, director, and producer. Affleck has won academy awards for the screenplay of Good Will Hunting (1997), and for Argo (2012), a film that he not only starred in but directed as well.

Jeff Robinov, CEO of Studio 8, producer of the film, had this to say about Affleck:

“working with Ben on his award-winning projects including, Argo and The Town, I have seen how his versatility and creativity have made him one of the most talented filmmakers both in front of and behind the camera. It’s very meaningful to be collaborating with Ben again on this uniquely riveting suspense thriller, and I know he and Robert will make a terrific film together.”

Studio 8 is a Los Angeles based film production company that strives to build and maintain enduring relationships with filmmakers to bring the creative visions and passions of those filmmakers to life. Founder and CEO, Jeff Robinov previously served as an executive at Warner Bros before eventually climbing the companies ranks to serve as president. In order to bring audiences, Hypnotic Studio 8 has formed an exciting partnership with Solstice Studios. Solstice is an independent film production company also based out of LA. They are a relatively new company founded in late 2018. Moving forward they intend to produce between 3-5 films per year that are within the range of a 20-80 million dollar budget.

Solstice Studios is partnered with ingenious media, a sub-division of Ingenious Capital Management that focuses on funding cinema. They are responsible for the funding of such films as Avatar (2009) and Life of Pi (2012). Solstice recently completed the production of its first-ever feature film, unhinged starring Russel Crowe and Caren Pistorius, coming out on August 28th, 2020.

Hypnotic is expected to begin filming in April 2020.



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