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‘WSJ Magazine’ selects Julianne Moore for cover of 2019’s Innovator Edition

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

November 6, 2019

Photography © LACHLAN BAILEY for WSJ. Magazine

The November cover of WSJ Magazine features the 58-year-old, Julianne Moore, to hit newsstands on November 9th, 2019. The actress expands on her Oscar win, counseling her kids along with lessons learned in her career and life choices. The Academy Award–winning actress has appeared in over 70 films. Beyond Hollywood, Moore also uses her superstar platform as an activist for gun safety.

Photography © LACHLAN BAILEY for WSJ. Magazine

Moore also expands on her role in her WSJ interview on her upcoming movie The Glorias, out this January 2020. They base the feature film on Gloria Steinem’s best-selling memoir, My Life on the Road, the telling of Steinem’s childhood story which heavily influenced her life as a writer, activist and organizer for women’s rights worldwide. Steinem was an advisor on the film in which Moore portrays the iconic feminist alongside; Alicia Vikander, and Bette Midler.

Moore on playing Steinem: “She’s just as glorious as you’d imagine. She’s very smart, which goes without saying, but she’s also incredibly thoughtful and patient and tolerant. Her ability to not be rash, and to speak to people who are very different than she is and not judge is really exemplary. You literally think, OK, what would Gloria Steinem do? How would she handle this situation? Because she’d handle it beautifully.”

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