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‘Time’ Magazine Honors Late Queen Elizabeth II With A Special Cover —See Pictures Here

By The Big Magazine Staff

Time magazine released a commemorative cover by famed British fashion and portrait photographer, Sir Cecil Beaton, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday at age 96.

The cover photo features a younger version of the Queen (age 42)looking fierce wearing the Admiral’s Boat Cloak against a blue backdrop. According to TIME, the image on the cover of this issue marks the last photograph that Beaton took of Queen Elizabeth II, in the summer of 1968.

‘Time’ Magazine Honors Late Queen Elizabeth II With A Special Cover - Photo Courtesy of Time Magazine

Sir Cecil Beaton's images were known for being “simultaneously grandiose and intimate, [and] helped to mold the image of the monarchy in the mid-1900s.”

Queen Elizabeth first invited Beaton to photograph the royal family around 1939. They built longstanding friendship and he served as the photographer du jour who would go on to photograph monumental events including her coronation in 1953 and the births of all four of her children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

Cecil Beaton photographed in 1963 Jack Mitchell/Getty Images

He lived at 8 Pelham Place, Kensington, between 1940 and 1975, where he is commemorated with a blue plaque. His career was crowned with a retrospective exhibition of his photographs at the National Portrait Gallery in 1968 and was knighted in 1972.

Beaton, died in 1980, and had a long history of photographing the royals.

The special edition cover will be available on newsstands beginning Friday, Sept. 16, 2022.

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