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Tik Tok surpasses Facebook and Instagram with over 1.5 billion downloads

November 19, 2019

The popular short-video app TikTok has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Known for its stunts, jokes and viral singalongs the Shanghai-based app has surpassed 1.5 million downloads according to data from analytics site Sensor Tower.

TikTok hit one billion downloads in February 2019 and then grew by another 500 million users in the past 6 months. Tik Tok is now in top ranking for both App Store and Google, making it the only app in the top five that Facebook doesn’t own. The popular app comes in third place for the most downloaded non-gaming category for 2019.

Not bad for a company that launched only 3 years ago in 2016. The app has rapidly become a global app leader, taking young American audiences by storm, and passing up long-standing tech giants like Facebook and Instagram.

In the company’s third quarter of 2019, Tik Tok locked in a combined 176.5 million downloads across Android and iOS. India seems to be the frontrunner on total downloads for 2019 with about 466.8 million activations on both iOS and Android. Tik Tok downloads from the US comes in at third place with 123.8 million.

These numbers don’t include third-party app stores in China which account for 173.2 million downloads and around $84.5 million or close to 50% of in-app spending. Coming in second and third to China’s in-app spending are the US with $62.4 million and Great Britain with $6.9 million. Bringing a rise to total In-app spending for Tik Tok to $115.3 million during 2019.



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