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The World's Most Expensive Sheep Sells For Almost Half A Million Dollars in Scotland

September 1, 2020

Counting Dollars Instead of Sheep: Double Diamond, the six-month-old sheep, just sold for nearly $492,000 at auction.

World's Most Expensive Texel Ram Sold For $490,000 in Scotland- Image: Universal Images Group via Getty Images

One six-month-old Texel ram named “Double Diamond” has just become the world's most expensive sheep. He sold at an auction for almost half million dollars, in the town of Lanark, near Glasgow, Scotland on August 27.

Texel sheep are known for the high quality meat and originated on the island of Texel in the Netherlands. The record purchase occurred at the Scottish National Texel sale, according to a news release from the Texel Sheep Society. The bidding started at £10,500, about $14,000, and quickly met the final selling price of £367,500, about $490,000.

Diamond was sold by breeder Charlie Boden to three farmers, who hope to breed the sheep.

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