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Summer Sonic 2020 Music Festival Streaming Iconic Past Performances This Thursday

By Jalyn Mayer, July 22, 2020

Tenet’s release date being pushed back for the billionth time. Coachella being rescheduled, then canceled. California opening up and just weeks later, shutting back down. It’s safe to say that the news has been pretty disappointing lately.

Good thing that the Summer Sonic 2020 Festival isn’t letting us down! In an innovative twist, the legendary music festival is pivoting to streaming past iconic performances from acts like Rihanna (2012), Green Day (2012), and Nine Inch Nails (2009) this Thursday, July 23rd.

This once-in-a-lifetime event will only be streaming for 24 hours only. If you miss out, you won’t get another chance to enjoy these epic sets. Streaming will begin at the wee hours of 4 AM in Los Angeles and 7 AM in New York.

Did we mention that this exclusive virtual event is 100% free? Gone are the days of shelling out hundreds of dollars for music festival tickets - all you have to do to gain access to this stream is to go to the festival’s YouTube channel!

Don’t forget! This Thursday starting at 4 AM PST, be sure to head to the Summer Sonic Festival YouTube channel to stream these sensational performances!

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