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"Shawn Wayans and The Boo Crew"attend the 88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

December 14, 2019

Shawn Wayans with The Boo Crew Cast on the red carpet of the 81st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade- Photo courtesy of Shawn Wayans Instagram

Actor and comedian Shawn Wayans (In Living Color, White Chicks), accompanied the “The Boo Crew” at this year's 88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.

The parade aired as a 2 hour special on The CW network last night (Dec. 13.) Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Dean Cain, Montel Williams and Elizabeth Stanton with Mario Lopez and his family served as parade grand marshals. Wayans was chauffeured down the parade line in a white Rolls Royce while the larger-than-life ‘Boo Crew’ characters followed in a Starline Tours van for 3.5 mile stretch.

"The Boo Crew" are animated characters comprised of series specials, books, music, and live stage shows all created, written and directed by Shawn Wayans (who also plays the voice of ‘Slim’). Through humor and music, The Boo Crew follows a group of 9 diverse kids growing up in a city named “Boo York.” The stories aim to spread positive messages to empower self esteem in children and address real issues that eventually become childhood lessons.

Accompanying the series is Boo Crew merch such as clothing with the slogan “Just be U.” The series first made its debut on Nicktoons in 2006. Since its inception, the crew’s popularity has grown with over 3 million fan views on their YouTube channel.

In the video posted below: The Boo Crew shows their Christmas spirit by pulling together to deliver Christmas to an underprivileged neighborhood boy named Gavin. Shawn is joined by his mom, Kim Wayans, to open the episode.

Watch Here:

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