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Rita Ora previews new song 'Finish Line,' written by Diane Warren on American Idol

By The Big Magazine Staff

Global superstar Rita Ora and award-winning songwriter Diane Warren debuted an exclusive music video clip from their latest single "Finish Line" during Sunday's "American Idol" episode on ABC.

Producer and host Ryan Seacrest interviewed both Rita and Diane and asked what the song represents to them both.

Ora replied, “It’s such a great movement (fifty/50 campaign) and we’re really here to support women and this campaign means a lot to us. We’re here to remind women to stay strong and stick together.”

“Finish Line” is a women empowerment anthem that will serve as the soundtrack for ’37 Words’, an upcoming four-part Title IX docuseries, as part of The Walt Disney Company’s Fifty/50 initiative led by ESPN.

The Fifty/50 initiative commemorates the 50th anniversary of the passing of Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any educational institution receiving federal funding and gave women the equal opportunity to play.

A true passion project across the company, ABC Owned Television Stations’ race and culture team played a pivotal role in securing the song and was part of a majority-women-led team responsible for the creative vision of the “Finish Line” music video.

Collectively, the ABC team decided to use the power of the Disney brand, tapping into internal resources and talent to launch this project. In an unprecedented move, the station group made the decision to produce and direct the music video in-house and work with Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records to produce the song, collaborating closely with ESPN.

A women-led executive and creative team came together to ensure that diverse women spearheaded all elements of the “Finish Line” production. The collaboration is an intentional nod of empowerment and respect to Title IX women who broke barriers and paved the way for many. The “Finish Line” project was led by Adrianne Anderson, vice president of Content Development & Marketing, KABC TV-Los Angeles, and Nzinga Blake, race and culture executive producer, ABC Owned Television Stations.

“Supporting the Fifty/50 initiative was necessary,” said Blake. “ABC Owned Television Stations’ race and culture team is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the historically underrepresented, addressing cultural and social issues while celebrating them and their victories. It was a dream come true to have Diane and Rita agree to be part of this and have the women leaders in our organization support this initiative and watch the magic that evolved from this collaboration.”

“Finish Line” is available now on all music streaming services. Don't forget to tune-in to check out the song on ESPN’s docuseries “37 Words” premiering (Parts 1 and 2) on June 21 and (Parts 3 and 4) on June 28 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

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