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Reality TV: Dr. Jen Armstrong And Husband Ryne Holliday Back Together After Seperation- RHOC

By The Big Magazine

Dr. Jen Armstrong's is reportedly reunited with husband Ryne Holliday after a month long seperation in an exclusive interview with Page Six.
Photo via Dr. Jen Armstrong Instagram: Dr. Jen Armstrong's is reportedly reunited with husband Ryne Holliday after a month long seperation
In an exclusive interview with Page Six, the “Real Housewives of Orange County” newbie, 44, reveals that she and husband Ryne Holliday are back together after a month-long separation that was ultimately “healing” for the couple.

Armstrong tried to engage Holliday, 42, in a conversation about their marital struggles on Wednesday’s episode of “RHOC.” According to the cosmetic MD, she and the stay-at-home dad butted heads over a mutual lack of appreciation for their differing roles in raising their three kids: twins Cece and Vince, 9, and Valor, 8.

Seemingly uninterested in discussing their issues on camera, Holliday walked away from the conversation — and it wasn’t long before he made an exit from his family’s Orange County home as well.

“I came to the decision,” Armstrong says of the short-term uncoupling. “It was not easy, but it just reached a point where there was nothing left to do.”

The Armstrong MD founder — who runs a medical and cosmetic dermatology practice in Newport Beach — says that she eventually learned to appreciate her spouse and his contributions to their household during the weeks spent without him.

“After you’ve been together 12 years and have been through so much stuff — to hell and back together so many times — you almost forget that the other person wants to have fun and have lighthearted conversations and go out. So, we’ve been doing a lot of that and it’s actually been enjoyable.”

Though Armstrong and Holliday are in a “great place” today, the early stages of their separation will play out as Season 16 of “Orange County” continues.

“You’ll see the beginning of it,” the Bravo rookie teases. “It starts to become very intense and it continued to be intense after filming and has just recently turned a corner.”

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