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Real Angelyne rejects new Peacock miniseries based on her life: 'It doesn't do me justice'

By The Big Magazine Staff

Angelyne premiered on Peacock this week and the show did not sit well with the real-life billboard queen.

Photo of Emmy Rossum and Angelyne via Instagram

A recent interview with Inside Edition revealed the 71-year-old former model didn’t watch actress Emmy Rossum portray her in the new miniseries, and that she felt "misrepresented."

Created by Nancy Oliver, the biographical drama series ‘Angelyne’ follows a mysterious blonde bombshell who makes a name for herself by erecting multiple billboards of herself everywhere in Los Angeles during the mid-1980s.

The limited series is loosely inspired by a 2017 Hollywood Reporter article alleging Angelyne’s secret past as a Polish-born daughter of Holocaust survivor. The article also featured a high school yearbook photo of her named as Renee Tami Goldberg.

The all-star cast also includes Alex Karpovsky, Lukas Gage, Martin Freeman, Hamish Linklater, David Krumholtz and Michael Angarano.

Angelyne is streaming now on Peacock

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