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Woman Accused of Wearing RHOBH Star Kyle Richards Stolen Ring Is a Pharmacist Not a Psychic

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

September 30, 2020

The woman accused of stealing a ring from Kyle Richards broke her silence on Monday to demand an apology from the RHOBH star and Diane Keaton, whose Instagram photo sparked the theft rumor.

Diana French, from Los Angeles came forward to express her shock when photos of her hands began circulating the internet last week when Richards shared on a “Secrets Revealed” RHOBH reunion segment that she spotted what she thought was her stolen ring on the finger of a woman whose hands had been photographed and shared on Instagram by Keaton in July 2019.

Richards hired a private investigator to track the woman in the photo down and shared an Instagram image of her stolen ring in her jewelry box with a side-by-side comparison to the ring photographed by Keaton.

Photo of Diana French courtesy of Inside Edition

French's granddaughter Maddie revealed on TikTok that French was actually a pharmacy clerk in Los Angeles. In her TikTok video shared last Thursday, Maddie claims the photo of the hands was her grandmother, French. Inside Edition, further investigated, confirming that French is not a fortune teller, and that Keaton actually took the photo of her hands while she was at work at the pharmacy.

'I just want to clear things up,' she said, while pointing at a screengrab of Keaton's post - which Richards' believed showed a psychic wearing her mother's stolen ring.

'This ring right there, that's my grandma's ring. She has been working in a pharmacy for over 50 years [and] has had those rings for decades.'

Maddie then proceeded to share other images of her grandmother's hands to prove that she is actually the woman in Keaton's photograph.

'These are my grandma's hands at my fifth-grade graduation, and there's the ring you've been talking about,' the TikTok user said.

French replied to the accusations, saying the ring has been in her family for decades and offered proof.

'That picture of my hands was taken on the counter of the pharmacy,' French said, though she couldn't recall the specific date Keaton took the photo.

French is demanding an apology from Richards and Keaton for causing her to be falsely accused of theft, saying: 'I mean, this is terrible. I don't deserve this.'

In a video for Inside Edition, French said she learned that she had been dragged into Richards' bizarre search for the stolen ring when her twin sister called her and said: 'Diana, you're on Google.'

She explained that the ring has been in her family for decades, so there's no way it ever belonged to Richards.

'My mother was killed 40 years ago and my dad gave me her band,' French said, noting that she has a trove of family photos showing her wearing the ring over the years, as well as appraisal papers from 1980 that set the ring's value at $2,500.

French added that she's also worn the striking long black nails seen in Keaton's photo for years, saying: 'I am totally lost without them.'

Reps for Richards and Keaton did not return requests for comment on French's account.

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