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Pepsi's New Holiday "Cardi Carol" Ad Featuring Cardi B

November 21, 2019

Today (Nov 21) Pepsi released its latest 2019 holiday commercial featuring rapper, Cardi B for its "Gift It Forward" campaign. Pepsi has created their own take on the holiday classic "A Christmas Carol," with a naughty twist.

Cardi B's - "Cardi Carol" Pepsi ad video begins with a narrator reading a Christmas story called A Cardi Carol which takes place in 2002 where it is revealed that Cardi B's sister received gifts from Santa, and not her, because she was on the top of the naughty list. The rapper then decides that naughty folks need gift too. Enter Cardi's Twerk Shop! Yes, Pepsi went there and it's pretty funny.

The campaign promotes Pepsi's "Gift It Forward" campaign. The soft drink company is giving Pepsi fans the chance to win cash this holiday season. This year, newly designed Pepsi cans will have QR codes on them and when scanned, could be worth serious cash prizes.



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