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Movie Review: Renfield Starring Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Hoult

By Rebecca Reviews x The Big Magazine

The movie @renfieldmovie 3 stars 🌟 🌟🌟

We went to see Universal’s horror-comedy “Renfield,” at Ipic theater in Westwood this weekend. The film stars Nicolas Cage as Count Dracula and Nicholas Hoult as his rebelling assistant. After decades of waiting on Dracula hand and foot, Renfield finds himself in a support group for narcissist and co-dependents. No matter how hard Renfield tries to will himself free from Dracula, though, it’s only a matter of time before he comes crawling back ready to serve again. We discover that Renfield has powers of his own by eating insects. The plot also stars (Awkwafina) as a traffic cop named Rebecca who is battling local drug lord and nemeses, Teddy (Ben Schwartz) and Bella-Francesca Lobo (Shohreh Aghdashloo).

Photos of Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Hoult at the premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City

According to a Variety report the flick ranked in fourth place with a disappointing $7.7 million from 3,375 box office locations trailing behind Sony’s R-rated demonic thriller “The Pope’s Exorcist,” which also fell slightly short of expectations with $9.1 million.

All in all Renfield is a fun and entertaining popcorn flick. Very bloody so maybe not for kids. While it was fun in the theaters its worth waiting for to release on streaming. Generally, the audience seemed hyped at the start of the film and was emotionless in the end.

🙌 Both #nickcage as #dracula and @nicholashoult as #reinfeld are superb 👌

🙌 production quality and #setdressing is high

🤫 Interesting pov on #narcissist and #codependency, how to deal with it

🙄 some of the fight scenes are overdone and boring

😂 pretty funny

📽 saw it @ipic#westwood

Watch Renfield Trailer Here:

Actor Nicholas Hoult thanks fans over the weekend via Instagram Stories

Renfeild is playing in theaters now!

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