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'Mixografia: Est. 1969' Celebrates 50 Years of Fine Art Collaboration and Printmaking

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

By Becca Brando, November 18, 2019

Photo by Kassandra Escamilla

On Saturday night (Nov. 16) in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles the “Mixografia: Est. 1969” exhibition celebrated 50 years of printmaking and collaboration with some of today’s top artists from around the world. The opening night preview included live mariachi music by Las Muñecas and tacos from Mixografia local lonchera, La Parrilla. Which BTW were probably some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

2 Members of Las Muñecas at opening night of Mixografia:1969

The 6,000-square-foot gallery space displayed artworks in three large exhibition rooms and a small hallway nook. They filled the stunning crisp white studio with a variety of art pieces ranging from textured 3 dimensional art, sculptures, and framed drawings.

Photo by Kassandra Escamilla

Upon entry to the main studio was a massive stone art print by Rufino Tamayo, “Dos Personajes Atacados Por Perros” (“Two People Chased by Dogs”) from 1983. A large orange industrial lift supported the impressive art piece which added to the overall dramatic presence.

Photo by Kassandra Escamilla

The Los Angeles workshop/studio has much to celebrate since opening its doors in 1984. To better understand and appreciate the rich history behind the Remba family legacy and the printing process known as Mixografia®, we must rewind a bit.

In 1973, Luis Remba and Lea (wife to Luis), ran a print shop in Mexico City called Taller de Gráfica Mexicana. The couple invited famed Mexican contemporary Artist, Rufino Tamayo, to collaborate on a few prints. Remba had experience in printing and producing industrial textiles and documents however he had no experience in fine-art printing.

Rufino Tamayo in the Mixografia studio. (Photograph taken by Shaye Remba and provided courtesy of Mixografia®

Through this partnering, Remba birthed a new printing process called Mixografia®. The technique creates a textured 3 dimensional print with a fine surface detail. The unique process proved so successful that the Remba’s renamed the workshop Mixografia. The couple patented their process and moved their Mexico City workshop to its current Adams St. location in downtown, Los Angeles.

To check out the Mixografia Process check out this BHS video by the LA Times.

Since, Mixografia has expanded its workshop space to include a gallery and also own over 12 patents from the U.S., Mexico, Japan and Europe. Besides the three-dimensional Mixografia process, it created a precise, bas-relief sculptural technique called Mixocast. The workshop also makes their own pliable paper from 100% cotton pulp, which is a key component to the Mixografia technique.

“The new gallery is to show our current artists’ work and our work from over the years,” says Remba, 84, during a tour of the studio he still runs with Lea and their son, Shaye Remba.

The indispensable talents of Salvador Campos and Master Printers Edgar Barradas, Lucho McBurry, Rodrigo Montoya, and Ubaldo Muñoz — allow Mixografia to keep exploring new territory. The Mixografia roster is abundant with well-known artist who have created limited-edition prints and lithographs at its location. Among them are: Ed Ruscha, Analia Saban, Frank Stella, George Segal, and Alex Israel, just to name a few.

Photo of Lea and Luis Remba -Mixografia Founders
Original Art by Frank Stella made of Bamboo, painted handmade paper, and metal hardware
Woman Sitting on Bed 1996 by George Segal- Copper, bronze, wood, plexi, electric light (white patina)

Mixografia’s prints have been displayed in the world's finest art museums, including LA's very own, LACMA . The Mixografia Est. 1969 exhibit will remain on display through Saturday, December 21, 2019. Admission is free!

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm and Saturday: 11:00am – 6:00pm

1419 East Adams Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA. 90011

+1 (323) 232-1158



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