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Luxury PPE: Louis Vuitton Launches Monogrammed Covid-19 Face Shields

September 11, 2020 By: Ben Abrams

Louis Vuitton is launching luxury Covid-19 face shields for close to $1k while millions of Americans risk losing their home, health and job.

Luxury PPE: Louis Vuitton Launches Signature Covid-19 Face Shields - Photo LVM

Luxury fashion giant Louis Vuitton is launching a designer Covid-19 face shield that will cost around $961. The expensive PPE, will be on sale starting Oct. 30, in all of its stores across the globe.

An LVM spokesperson said in a statement that the high fashion shield was “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.”

The LV monogrammed plastic face shield can be flipped up to be worn like a visor and features an elastic head strap to keep it secure. Like magic, the clear shield transitions from clear to tinted dark in bright light.

The price pales in comparison to medical-grade face shields that can be purchased for $15 and up. I wonder how long before we begin to see replicas and fakes of the LV designer face shield popping up for sale?

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