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Kim Cattrall Opens Up About Working With Kim Kardashian's October SKIMS Campaign

By The Big Magazine Staff

Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall gave her POV in a recent The Hollywood Reporter interview about her new SKIMS campaign and working with celebrity influencer, Kim Kardashian.

Cattrall said she's feeling “freakin’ fabulous” in her self-styled looks during Paris Fashion Week.

Cattrall revealed that she wasn’t familiar with the SKIMS brand before getting the offer to be an ambassador for the brand.

“I came a little late to SKIMS,” she said. “I had heard about it a lot, most from my girlfriends and my team. I was wearing other sculpting garments under my wardrobe and I would always have to replace it so soon after getting it because it would lose its support.”

She continued, “Everyone kept telling me how wonderful SKIMS was, so I tried some. When they asked me to do the campaign, I just thought, wow, this is one of those moments when it just feels right because the product was right, the timing was right. I loved the photographer, Vanessa Beecroft, and it was all very relaxed; it was all women on set.”

“I got to pick what I wanted to be photographed in and I picked a black mid-thigh bodysuit, which was really comfortable,” the actress noted. “I wore a black long-sleeved dress that I loved. I knew that I would be going on the cruise so I brought all the beautiful products with me and I’ve been wearing them with just a little sweater. They’ve become staples already.”

The “Sex and the City” alum recently attended her first Paris Fashion Week in more than a decade! She attended the Balmain presentation in a Balmain black croc-embossed skirt suit with black pumps, and a black leather satchel purse with gold studding adorning the edges.

The Skims October campaign also features, Lana Condor, Nelly Furtado, alongside Cattrall.

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