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Kanye West's Alleged Text to Elon Musk: Not Bipolar, But Signs of Autism?

By The Big Magazine Staff

Kanye West‘s personal text message to Elon Musk have allegedly been released.

Kanye West and Elon Musk at SpaceX HQ in 2021 (Kanye West via Twitter)

The Texts reveal that West claims he’s autistic, not bipolar.

The text was posted by Kanye‘s friend, stylist Ian Connor.

“When are we going to speak. You owe me nothing,” West wrote in a text, allegedly sent to Musk. “You never have to speak to me again. But if we do speak The nature of the relationship has to change I’m not bipolar I have signs of autism from my [2002] car accident.”

The rapper also mentioned his estranged ex-wife, Kim Kardashian in the text, “You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me. And not say anything publicly and then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform.”

Autism is a neurological developmental disability that affects how people interact with others, communicate, learn, and behave. It's also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is estimated to affect one to two percent of the American and worldwide population. It can manifest very differently in each person.

We wish Kanye the best on his mental health journey.

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