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Jerry Springer Dead at 79 - Iconic Reality TV Talk Show Host 'Jerry Springer Show'

By The Big Magazine Staff

Today marks the end of era in TV as iconic tv host, Jerry Springer has sadly died at the age of 79.

RIP Jerry Springer at age 79! - The Big Magazine

The Jerry Springer Show host, which ran for 27 years on television, passed away, a family spokesperson confirmed to TMZ on Thursday (April 27). The spokesperson said Jerry had been diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. He died at his home in the Chicago area, according to the report.

The Jerry Springer Show debuted in 1991, running all the way through to 2018. Springers talk show was known for its, wild fights, lover confrontations, and paternity tests were often the center of the shows drama.

Prior to hosting his own talk show, Springer ran for U.S. Congress in the ’70s before being elected as part of Cincinnati’s City Council in 1971, and later becoming the mayor in 1977 for a term. He last appeared on The Masked Singer as The Beetle.

He’s survived by his daughter Katie Springer and his sister Evelyn.

RIP Jerry!

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