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Instagram Tests Shopping and Reels Tabs On Updated Home Screen Layout

September 11, 2020

Instagram is testing updated home screen layouts which will include the new Reels and Shopping tabs. The Reels feature which is the company's attempt to mirror the super popular short-form video app TikTok launched on Insta last month while the shopping tab made its debut on the app back in July.

Instagram is testing bringing Reels and Shopping features to its home screen - photo Getty

The reviews on Reels have mostly been mixed. Most Instagram users are using reels and stories to share their TikTok content. IG Reels can also be time consuming as Instagram asks the user to add text and graphics to various frames within each reel. On top of Instagram Reels not being the most user friendly, the app could face some backlash for trying to cram too many features on an app that thrives on simplicity.

Each of the new home screen layouts are unique, however all three designs give Instagram Reels and shopping noticeable placement. In the new layouts, they move both Explore and activity buttons next to the inbox in the right top corner. One variation of the new design crowds the Explore, Reels, Shop, activity, and profile shortcuts into the bottom row while the button for creating a new post moves to the top right.

All three designs are currently being tested globally.

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