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England: Derbyshire Police Dye a ‘Blue Lagoon’ Black To Ward Off Crowds During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Last Wednesday (March 25) the Derbyshire police dyed a “blue lagoon” black in Buxton (England) to avert tourists and gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Photos via Buxton Police SNT Facebook

The Buxton’s “under-fire” police force responded to reports of crowds visiting the lagoon despite stay at home orders with a Facebook post stating they used black dye in the crystal blue water to make it less appealing.

The famed “blue lagoon” may look like a crystal blue tropical oasis, however the water is as toxic as bleach. Officials say the water contains toxic chemicals with a pH level of 11.3. The body of water also happens to contain dead animals, cars, trash and other debris that are harmful to humans. The dyeing of the lake has been happening since at least 2013 due to the serious toxicity issues. The dye is not permanent.

The Buxton’s “under-fire” police force wore white overalls, masks, and blue gloves as they dyed the water.

Last week, UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson banned residents from leaving their homes to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently in self isolation after testing positive for coronavirus.

With 30 million households across the UK on lockdown, citizens are restricted to only go out for medical needs, to pick up essential items from the supermarket, go to work only if it cannot be done from home, and to complete one form of exercise a day. There are 25,474 positive covid-19 cases with 1,789 deaths in the UK as of Tuesday (March 31) according to Johns Hopkins University global tracking map.


Photos courtesy of Buxton Police Facebook x The Big Magazine Los Angeles



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