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Dr. Paul Nassif: The Correct Way To Wear a Hospital Mask & Gloves

Friday, March 27, 2020

On Tuesday (March 23) 'Botched' star, Dr. Paul Nassif took to Instagram with a video post on: “How To Properly Put on Your Face Mask & Gloves.” In the video, he shows viewers how to put on and properly wear 3 different masks, including an N95 mask.

Last week, the celebrity plastic surgeon made a public plea via his Insta account with another post asking his fellow doctors and medical professionals to please donate N95 masks.

Dr. Nassif is just one of many doctors and medical healthcare workers doing what they can to donate and aid during the coronavirus pandemic. Los Angeles has a major shortage of gear to protect healthcare workers on the front lines from COVID-19. Los Angeles County officials have advised doctors and nurses to reuse face masks and wear expired gowns and masks in an effort to preserve supplies.

According to Los Angeles Times, the county has completely depleted its stockpile of masks, both surgical masks and the more protective N95 respirators. The N95 respirator mask is a life-saving device which can filter up to 95% of airborne particles from the air (including viruses) which other protective equipment (regular surgical masks) can not achieve.



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