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DJ Diplo Completes Los Angeles Marathon Under The Influence of LSD

By The Big Magazine Staff

44-year-old DJ Diplo surprised fans by announcing that he completed the Los Angeles Marathon while on LSD.

His goal was to finish the LA marathon with a faster time than Oprah Winfrey, despite only running 11 miles max in his life. In a video recap, Diplo showed himself adding several drops of LSD into his water bottle for the race.

"I think you need like, four drops of LSD," Diplo said, before adding one more. "Five."

Diplo also posted the video to Instagram which was later deleted. In response he posted "The most I ever ran was 11 miles so I did what any normal person would do and took LSD.. Huge thanks to the Olympian Alexi who paces me, shout out my knees which will never be the same, and my kids for waiting for me at the finish line."

Not only does this sound dangerous but it also sounds like hell...

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