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David Beckham Celebrates National Dog Day With His Dog But Did You Know About Biggie The Pomeranian?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Many celebs have been showing their love on social media for their favorite 4 pawed friends. On Wednesday, David Beckham took to Instagram for National Dog Day in the U.S. to show off his newest pooch, Sage.

The 45-year-old soccer star captioned his post with:

... "Happy International dog day 🐶 sage trying her luck with a kiss on the lips 💋." Lips or not, it looks like Sage is getting her share of face time with papa bear.

But did you know about Biggie The Black Pomeranian?

While he doesn't belong to a celeb he does belong to The Big Magazine. Not only is our magazine named after him but our logo is also a silhouette of a pomeranian. Biggie plays an integral part to the everyday operations of The Big Magazine and resides in Los Angeles. The 5-year-old black pomeranian was rescued from a trailer park in Chatsworth, Californiana when he was just 8 months old. He now lives in the lap of luxury with 2 other dogs he considers his pack.

Biggie The Black Pomeranian at home during National Dog Day 2020 - Photo by The Big Magazine

In honor of National Dog Day, here's another photo of The Big Magazine’s Mascot @Biggtheblackpomeranian 😍

Give him a follow on Instagram! 💜



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