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Chantel Jeffries and Diplo Bring the Heat to Tulum

January 3, 2020

Photo: Instagram

Chantel Jeffries, Instagram model / DJ is heating things up with famous DJ, Diplo in Mexico. Jeffries posted several photos and stories to her Instagram account of the two getting cozy in a shared cabana in Tulum.

Jeffries, who has been formally linked to Dating NFL player DeSean Jackson, NBA star Kyrie Irving and Sean Combs (Diddy’s Son) is known for dating high profile talent. Chantel first rose to fame when Daily Mail UK reported her involvement with an alleged stabbing during a dating stint with pop star, Justin Bieber in 2014. In the article, friends describe Jeffries as someone who seeks out famous men for relationships.

Chantel Jeffries Mugshot after being arrested for allegedly stabbing a friend 5 x

It’s no coincidence Chantel is wearing a similar orange string bikini in Tulum as the one pictured below while walking the beach with the now married, Biebs in 2014.

Only thing we wanna know is where we can buy this bikini!



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