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Biggie The Black Pomeranian Is Set To Release New Single on Instagram

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

September 24, 2020

Instagram doggie influencer, "Biggie The Black Pomeranian" also known as Biggo has been busy in the studio cooking up his latest singles "Chonay Vu" and "Oh No, No, No!"

Photo of Instagram Doggie Influencer - Biggie the Black Pomeranian

Both songs have been in the making for the past year and set to debut in 2021. Biggie's song "Oh No, No, No" sounds similar to the new Daisy Cottage cheese jingle with a twist.

For Biggie, the pomeranian influencer life can be fast paced and competitive. The black pom finds making music and art sets him apart from the rest of the pom community.

Biggie released a music video directed by Aliyah Amaya for his hit "lose control" in early February 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Biggie found his upbringing challenging at times when he was constantly questioned about his pomeranian roots because of his black and white fur. He also recalls being bullied at the dog park at a young age by other dog owners calling him a long hair chihuahua. The pomeranian experienced another emotional setback in 2019 when he came home to find a new pomeranian sister, Blushay, in his home. The family trauma and shock caused Biggie to have pom writers block, delaying the process of his forthcoming studio album.

Biggie's haters became his biggest motivators turning his patch of grass into a lucrative pomeranian product empire. The internet rumor mill has said that Biggie smooth sound is inspired by Harry Styles, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Hall and Oats, John Legend, and Prince just to name a few.

With the reputation for the hardest working black pomeranian in Los Angeles, fame and success has not gone to Biggie's head. Biggie continues to work on building his empire with another custom pillow launch before Christmas 2020 and remains an overseeing partner in operations at The Big Magazine.

We contacted Biggie The Black Pomeranian's publicist for comment however he declined our request.

The title of Biggie's record has not been revealed. This story is still developing.

Follow Biggie on Instagram @BiggieTheBlackPomeranian


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