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“Beyond Black - The Style of Amy Winehouse” Exhibit Opens at The GRAMMY Museum

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

January 21, 2020

On Monday (Jan 20) The GRAMMY Museum launched a members only opening of the exhibit “Beyond Black - The Style of Amy Winehouse‘’ event featuring Winehouse’s stylist Naomi Parry who curated the collection along with the singer’s close friend and former roommate, Catriona Gourla.

The free public event, hosted by music journalist Eve Barlow, was at capacity with a line of supporters and fans showing up more than an hour before the opening of the exhibit in Santa Monica, California.

Winehouse, who liked to draw and write by hand, inspired the GRAMMY Museum to invite artists to give event goers their own Winehouse doodle souvenirs to take home. Throughout the evening, a line wrapped the second-floor exhibits where guests were having caricature portraits done of themselves with Amy Winehouse.

The Beyond Black exhibit showcases a full spectrum of the singer’s fashion, style and memorabilia. On display an assortment of clothing and dresses along with jewelry, shoes, home videos and never-before-seen handwritten lyrics and more.

Photos by Timothy Norris/Getty Images

The installation also houses her Grammy Awards, lyrics for songs both released (“Cherry”) and unreleased (“Dolly’s Diner”) as well as a self-portrait Winehouse drew.

The Winehouse estate and Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse provided unpublished lyrics and journal entries. “Dolly’s Diner,” lyrics pictured below.

Photo by GRAMMY Museum

Also, on display is her infamous black Dolce & Gabbana dress Winehouse wore for the Grammys 2008.

The exhibit will run through April 13 before moving onto to Chili, London, and Ireland. All museum items are set to be auctioned in November 2021. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, supporting disadvantaged young people.



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