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"All of Them Witches" at The Jeffrey Deitch Gallery - Los Angeles

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

By Jalyn Mayer February 11, 2020

Organized by Dan Nadel and Laurie Simmons, the occult-themed group art show, “All of Them Witches,” delivers a mixed media magical experience at the Jeffrey Deitch gallery, Los Angeles.

"All of Them Witches" exhibit at the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, Los Angeles on February 11, 2020 by Kassandra Escamilla

The exhibition explores topics like sexuality and gender through a dark witchylens. The art featured is ritualistic, mystical, and meaningful in a profound sense. Many forms of media are present, from painting (Gertrude Abercrombie), drawing (Heather Benjamin), sculpture (Greer Lankton), videos (Marilyn Minter), and photographs (Cindy Sherman).

"All of Them Witches" show at the Deitch Gallery, Los Angeles on February 8, 2020 by Kassandra Escamilla

“This exhibition arose from a conversation we’ve been having for years about our shared affinity for a certain kind of art to which we’re drawn, can’t quite name, but recognize when we see it. Artworks and artists that share an affinity with what we thought of as a “witchy” sensibility, which we see as using the iconography of the supernatural, occult, and witchcraft to channel ideas about power, the body, and gender.” - Dan Nadel

Featured artists include - Judy Chicago, a notable feminist artist and educator, and Niki de Saint Phalle, a French-American sculptor. The rare work of the deceased, Marjorie Cameron Parsons (also known as Cameron) a self-proclaimed Los Angeles occult practitioner, is also on display.

Photos by Kassandra Escamilla x The Big Magazine

The show represents eighty diverse artists presenting a body and story of 'witchy' works about employing notions of gender, puberty, sex, the historical occult, cartoons, ritual, landscape, and fantasy. While the exhibit respects the history and context of real-practice occult, the show is more about the aesthetic influence of those traditions, not the actual practice behind it.

The “All of Them Witches” is FREE to public from February 8th to April 11th at the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery - 925 N. Orange Drive in Los Angeles.

For more information, click here.

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