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Yale Covid-19 Saliva Test with 24 Hour Results Receives Emergency Approval by the FDA

August 16, 2020 By: Rebecca Brando

The FDA has granted emergency approval on SalivaDirect Covid-19 testing, developed by Yale School of Public Health, which could be a game changer after a successful trial on several NBA players and staff.

The FDA has granted emergency approved on SalivaDirect Covid-19 test, developed by Yale - By The Big Magazine

The saliva based test is fast, inexpensive, and non-invasive. Yale received more than $500,000 of financial backing from the NBA and the league’s Player’s Association to help develop the test.

SalivaDirect is the fifth saliva test approved by the FDA for Covid-19. The test requires no swab or collection device and works without extraction of nucleic acid or patient blood. Instead, spit is collected from a patient suspected of having the virus. The results of the SalivaDirect test can be delivered within 24 hours. The FDA also added that the test would lower the risk of healthcare workers that collect patient samples.

The NBA has used the test in a program involving asymptomatic players, coaches and staff from various teams, after partnering with Yale in June, the school said in a separate statement.

Adam J Moore (MPH), who is on the research team that helped develop SalivaDirect, shared this tweet:

Moore also shared a SalivaDirect testing post in its early stages on July 2nd via Instagram post saying: "Alrighty today is all about an exciting, revolutionary, groundbreaking new sample collection method for COVID-19 diagnostics: SPIT..."

The reduced cost of the SalivaDirect coronavirus test is significantly cheaper than the average nasal swab test which can cost up to $150 per test. Saliva based testing is a big step forward toward the future of rapid testing and screening for everyday public and professional sports.

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