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We Tried Out KFC's Firelog and Here's What Happened -Read Here!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

By Jalyn Mayer, December 18, 2019

Last year KFC produced a Firelog that smells like a bucket of Kentucky Fried chicken when you burn it. The log is such a hot item (pun intended) that it sold out within hours at Walmart. This year, Colonel Santa has brought back his famous fried chicken-scented and 11 Herb & Spices Firelog so we decided to try it out to see if it really works.

Here is our video Review: 

The verdict: The log really smells like chicken and sometimes waffles too.

The instructions were to cut or rip the seam on the backside of the paper cover on the log and light the sides to get the fire going. The log burns slow and for the first few minutes the log just smells like fire. The Firelog is an Enviro-Log which is composed of 100 percent recycled waxed cardboard.

After, 10 minutes in - the Firelog began to give off faint traces of chicken and other spices while burning. By 20 minutes, the distinct smell of a bucket of KFC chicken began to fill my backyard. We also could smell faint traces of waffles or sweetness while burning.

The Firelog's most impressive feature was how long it lasted. Our Firelog burned for almost 5 hours. We fell asleep so I’m not sure how much longer it went on. Once burned there was barely any ash left behind. 

To add a festive touch, we added Enviro-Log’s color flame packet to make our log turn a color. Ours turned blue. The color change packets are sold separately. If we had one suggestion for KFC, it would be to have a color-changing log as an option to buy. 

Get your own Kentucky Fried Chicken Firelog for only $18.99 by visiting or enter to win a FREE Firelog by snapping a pic of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s limited-edition illustration bucket with hashtags #secretsanders + #giveaway to Instagram until December 22. 

For more information on the contest, visit

Photos and Video by: Newcountry



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