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Santa Wants To Text You This Christmas

By: Jalyn Mayer, December 3, 2019

Santa has stepped up his game this holiday season. This year, Mr. Claus will be sending out texts to children (and children at heart!) starting December 1st and leading all the way up to Christmas day.

Photo: SlickText

Santa will be sending out Christmas jokes, sayings, recipes, facts and other updates from the North Pole. When asked about his motivation for this project, Santa replied: "I wanted to take people inside my process this year, show them how I prepare for my biggest night and spread Christmas cheer". Mrs. Claus and Santa's elves will also be joining in on the fun and sending texts when Santa is busy in the workshop.

Photo: SlickText

This program is completely free and text messages can be received from any device that has enabled SMS. There is an easy opt out option to stop receiving texts at any time.

To receive these texts from Santa, visit Santa Wants to Text You.

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