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NBC & BRAVO TV Stars Allege Sexual, Mental Health Exploitation

NBC and Bravo reality show stars accuse network of 'covering up sexual violence, condoning revenge porn, exploiting minors and denying mental health treatment' in bombshell legal letter obtained by TMZ.

Attorneys Bryan Friedman and Mark Geragos say they represent “a significant number of individuals” who have been “mentally, physically, and financially victimized by NBC and threatened with ruin should they decide to speak out about their mistreatment.” The letter listed a series of damning allegations, including “deliberate attempts to manufacture mental instability” by depriving cast members of food and sleep, denying mental health treatment, and exploiting minors. NBC also distributed “nonconsensual pornography”

The attorneys’ letter concludes with allegations that the networks are “covering up acts of sexual violence.”

Geragos and Friedman, who have represented stars such as Michael Jackson, Winona Ryder, Gabrielle Union, Mariah Carey and more, are demanding that NBC retain information regarding the pornography and the alleged sexual violence.

“As you know, NBC has a pattern and practice of grotesque and depraved mistreatment of the reality stars and crewmembers on whose account its coffers swell,” the letter sates, with the attorneys claiming that NBC has “threatened [cast members] with ruin should they decide to speak out about their mistreatment.”

“As a result, the sordid and dark underbelly of NBC’s widely consumed reality TV universe has remained under wraps for far too long,” the letter, which didn’t reveal the clients’ names, continues.

“Please be advised that the day of reckoning has arrived.”

From the Real Housewives Franchise to Mediterranean yacht crews and so much more, Bravo TV boasts a diverse cadre of programming that could be in hot water. Among the reality stars leading the charge is RHONY alumni Bethenny Frankel who is encouraging reality TV stars to strike with SAG-AFTRA. She claims to have generated millions of impressions and has yet to earn any residuals for her on camera persona.

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