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Mysterious Gingerbread Monolith Located At Corona Heights Park Is "Gone-olith" - San Francisco

December 26, 2020

San Francisco residents were surprised by a replica "gingerbread monolith" topped with icing and gumdrops at Corona Heights Park on Christmas morning. The monolith resembles the metal monoliths seen appearing around world.

San Francisco Residents Surprised by Gingerbread Monolith Which Appeared in Corona Heights on Christmas Morning, and quickly became an Instagram Sensation.

How it got there remains a mystery. The uneven placement of the candy gumdrops and icing is a clear sign of human assembly. Local residents are claiming the gingerbread monolith is a Christmas miracle.

Around 10am on December 26th the cookie monolith was "Gone-lith" by high winds and rain.

Corona Heights Gingerbreak Monolith Toppled By Wind and Rain The Day After Christmas.

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