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Los Osos High School Varsity Dance Team Recreates Rihanna Halftime Show And It's Spectacular!

The Los Osos High School varsity dance team in Rancho Cucamonga went viral by recreating Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance at their recent prom rally.

Video via Instagram Rachel Muego

The video was originally posted by head dance coach and choreographer, Rachel Muego and the official LOHS varsity dance account, on Instagram and TikTok.

The dance video has generated millions of views, including a shout out by Rihanna’s “Fenty Savage” account.

The NFL’s official TikTok account even commented “This is amazing omg” on the video.

“Proud is an understatement,” Muego said on Instagram. “The fact that they learned this in a month and a half…no matter what crazy ideas I throw out there, they take it with complete trust and bring everything to life.”

The Los Osos High School principal “Cypher” also makes an opening appearance, suited in a white masked outfit alongside varsity dancers.

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