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KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired After Speaking Out On Former Anchor Lynette Romero's Departure

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

By The Big Magazine Staff

Upated: 9/20/22

Deadline has reported that KTLA Weekend Morning News host Mark Mester has been suspended for speaking out on-air about the "rude" treatment of Lynette Romero's departure from the station.

Last week, Nexstar Media Group’s CW affiliate KTLA (Channel 5) announced its weekend morning news anchor Lynette Romero was leaving the station to pursue “another opportunity elsewhere.”

Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin delivered the announcement on a weekday morning news broadcast. Rubin added that management at the station “had hoped she would stay here her entire career and KTLA worked hard to make that happen.”

Well, apparently KTLA didn’t work hard enough to keep her, and loyal viewers are angry about the way it all went down. After nearly 24 years, there was no cheesy montage of Lynette’s epic moments, and there was no message from Lynette herself.

Following Romero's abrupt departure, her morning co-host Mark Mester, spoke out about what happened stating her treatment by KTLA was “rude” and “cruel.”
“It was inappropriate, and we are so sorry,” Mester said. “I also want to say sorry to Lynette Romero, because Lynette I love you so much, and you really are my best friend. You did not deserve what happened to you on Wednesday.”

Mester also called out KTLA GM Janene Drafs for allowing Romero to move on. Historically, the station allows news personalities to depart with their own message.

Youtube Video: Matthew Keys

“It was unfortunate,” said Mester. “It was inappropriate and we are so sorry about that when we deserve to say goodbye. I don’t know who wrote the script. I don’t know who handed it to Sam Rubin. Regardless this was a mistake. We owe you an apology.”

The station was not happy with Mester’s actions (especially calling out Drafs by name) and suspended him. There are no further details on how long. Filling in on the weekend desk last weekend were Megan Telles and Pedro Rivera.

Longtime KTLA reporter Dayna Devon recently announced her departure from Weekend Morning News. There had been a noticeable drop off of talent since former news director, Jason Ball, left the station. Other anchors and reporters that have left in the past 6 months are, Christina Pascucci, and Mark Kono.

We happen to be loyal viewers of KTLA and will miss Lynette Romero!

Mark Mester- we stand with you on this one 💙

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