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Gucci by Harmony Korine x Spectacles 3 for Art Basel 2019

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

December 6, 2019

Santa Monica based, Snapchat has released a limited edition version of their Spectacles 3 in collaboration with the Spring Breakers (2012) director, Harmony Korine and Gucci. Korine created a limited-edition series of 50 augmented reality glasses exclusively for Art Basel, Miami.

The Spectacles are hand-painted by Korine in colors like cotton candy pink and lemon yellow. Painted on each side of the frames are Korine’s and Gucci’s names. The lenses are covered in the classic Gucci monogram design to let everyone in the room know you are wearing the Italian luxury brand. They have a lightweight steel frame, adjustable tips, and tinted lenses for protection from the sun. The smart glasses’ key feature are the dual HD cameras, which enable Spectacles to capture and view photos/videos in a more immersive version along with four built-in microphones to record in high-def.

The device allows the user to capture photos and videos with the ease of a tap of a button on top of the glasses. The user can record videos up to 60 seconds long. The lights around each camera will indicate recording. Spectacles sync with both Android or iOS devices. Content can be shared instantly on Snapchat or exported to other platforms, including YouTube.

Spectacles 3 comes with a charging case to charge them while being stored. A full charge will take up to 75 minutes and a single charge will capture 70 videos and over 200 photos. Spectacles connect to your phone over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

To promote the glasses, Korine produced an unusual short film titled “Duck Duck” using the augmented reality features of Spectacles 3. The storyline has a psychedelic feel, following a man in a hot-dog suit dancing with pandas in a variety of settings throughout Miami.

BHS Video filmed in October 2019:

Although the Snapchat's target demographic is among high school and college-age students, the price tag on Spectacles 3 limits many to having accessibility to the product as they retail for $380 each.

Watch the Korine Video Here:

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