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Chef José Andrés Mobilizes Kitchen to Feed Ship Guests of Docked Grand Princess Cruise Ship-Oakland

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Celebrity Chef José Andrés and his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, have set up a mobile kitchen to feed the stranded passengers of the Grand Princess cruise ship in Oakland.

The ship was forced to idle for days off the coast of California because of several infected passengers with coronavirus aboard ported in Oakland on Monday (March 9.) The Grand Princess pulled into the Port of Oakland with more than 3,500 people aboard — 21 of those passengers confirmed to be infected with Covid-19. 237 Canadians who were onboard the ship were transferred to military bases to be quarantined before returning to their home country.

Twenty-three people who needed acute medical care had been taken off the ship on Monday, but it was not clear how many or if any of them had tested positive for the virus.

Andrés shared what meal prep looks like for quarantined ship passengers on Instagram with this post:

“How do we feed people in a the time of coronavirus quarantines? Watch the single journey of a single meal...@WCKitchen #ChefsForTheWorld,” the captioned read.

The nonprofit has served meals to the infected Princess Cruise ship - Japan passengers in addition to serving on-site of countless disaster relief emergencies, involving wildfires, hurricanes and more.

To donate or volunteer visit:

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