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mar 10 mar


The Majestic Ventura Theater

Sepultura Sacred Reich, Crowbar, ART OF SHOCK

SEPULTURA – N. American Tour w/ Sacred Reich, Crowbar, Art Of Shock at the Majestic Ventura Theater.

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Sepultura Sacred Reich, Crowbar, ART OF SHOCK
Sepultura Sacred Reich, Crowbar, ART OF SHOCK

Orario & Sede

10 mar 2020, 19:00

The Majestic Ventura Theater, 26 S Chestnut St, Ventura, CA 93001, USA

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 SEPULTURA – N. American Tour w/ Sacred Reich, Crowbar, Art Of Shock

It goes without saying that the global metal scene would not be the same without

SEPULTURA. For 35 years now, the Brazilian icons are not only a band revered worldwide;

they have been, are and forever will be at the very forefront of Thrash Metal, trailblazing

ever since they released their long-since legendary debut album “Morbid Visions” in 1986.

While quickly establishing themselves as leaders of the second wave of Thrash already in the

late eighties, to this day they never came even close to stagnation. “Quadra”, their mighty

new undertaking, is proof of a will unbroken, a thirst unquenched and a quality so

staggeringly high it’s a wonder this band doesn’t implode. Now three albums deep into what

may very well be their strongest incarnation yet – uniting the talents of old-school members

Andreas Kisser (guitars, vocals) and Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. (bass), vocal force of nature Derrick

Leon Green (vocals) and drummer Eloy Casagrande – SEPULTURA are an unleashed power to

be reckoned with, uniting bucketloads of experience and youthful vigour in a totally revived


“On ‘Quadra’, we felt the urge to revisit that old thrash feeling of ‘Beneath the Remains’ or

‘Arise’,’ only seen through the eyes of today,” Andreas Kisser utters the magic words. “Add to

that the tribal percussion, the orchestral elements, the choirs, the melodies and the clean

vocals and you get a thorough run-through of our entire career, backed by a very

contemporary approach.” Fuelled by an energy almost uncanny for a band that has been

active for so long, SEPULTURA storm through a contemporary thrash monument, backed by

sublime melodies, a very eerie atmosphere and a fiendishly high level of technicality. Kisser

is appreciating these compliments, still maintaining his very down to earth approach. “We

don’t heed the past and we don’t try to be preoccupied by the future too much,” he shrugs.

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“We’re in the now, trying every day to make SEPULTURA a little bit better. That’s what

keeping us strong.”

And that’s what they have been doing for the last 30+ years. Album after album, tour after

tour, no gap in between records longer than three years. “Music is all we do,” Kisser states

matter-of-factly. “If it wouldn’t be for SEPULTURA,” he laughs, “I would be a sad and lonely

guy. SEPULTURA is what we are.” And “Quadra” is living testimony to that. The old

SEPULTURA echo through the very fibre of the songs in all its raw and morbid splendour, but

yet it’s the present, the experienced and refined beast that is SEPULTURA in 2020 that’s

blasting out thrash metal anthems for a fucked-up age.

“There is no reason to put out an album unless you‘ve got something new to tell. A lot of

bands out there are slaves of themselves, trying to repeat their formula. That‘s stupid! You

have to respect the past but you are here now. So... do something different! I mean, we have

an amazing history, we did so many different albums with different elements that all added

up to the experience we gained over the years. And in the studio, we respect what we did but

we are never afraid of trying out new things.”

With now 15 albums under their belts, SEPULTURA are the work horses of the metal world,

always ready to attack. In many ways, “Quadra” broadens the vision the Brazilian thrash

troopers had on “Machine Messiah” (2017), again relying on the impeccable talent of

Swedish producing giant Jens Bogren and his Fascination Street Studios. “He is so full of

passion, it’s unbelievable, man,” Kisser raves. “He’s really there, he really cares about the

projects he’s doing. For Sepultura, he’s like the fifth member of the band. The chemistry was

so amazing, 99 percent of what we were trying do to actually worked. That was insane!”

Even after more than 30 years at the forefront of international thrash, guitarist Kisser sounds

positively baffled by working with Bogren. “We felt like we were in our rehearsal room.”

Bringing together a monumental grandeur and a wild, untamed ferocity, SEPULTURA

stepped up their game musically – and conceptually as well. “We were possessed by the

number four, by the numerology of it”, Kisser starts to explain. “I divided the album into four

parts as if we were doing a double vinyl. Side one is the pure and raw thrash side. Side two

brings in the rhythms and percussion from our ‘Roots’ era. Three is getting a bit experimental

and four brings forth the melodies and the acoustic guitars.” With John North’s book

“Quadrivium” as a further source of inspiration, SEPULTURA dive deep into a mystical world

full of hidden meanings. “You have four seasons and twelve month in a year just to pick one

example. A lot of stuff in our culture is divided like that.”

Plus, Quadra also is the Portuguese word for ‘sport court’ that by definition is a limited area

of land, with regulatory demarcations, where according to a set of rules the game takes

place,” he adds. “We all come from different Quadras. The countries, all nations with their

borders and traditions; culture, religions, laws, education and a set of rules where life takes

place.” In the Quadra of thrash, however, we all are the same. And we bow our heads in

unison to the mighty leader that is SEPULTURA.

Venue Information: Ventura Theater 26 S. Chestnut St. Ventura, CA, 93001 

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